The size of our production-area is approx. 3000 m² and as we only work with high quality instruments, which are very sensitive to temperature- and humidity fluctuation, the factory is under constant climatic control. We only use the best materials on our grand and piano cabinets. We work with the most modern machines and are very conscious about enviromental pollution.
  To ensure the desired quality it is of utmost importance, that all parts,which have been lacquered, undergo an obligatory drying time, before being sanded and finally polished. The sanding by hand is only done by employees, who have been working for the company for many years and have developed a " sensitive touch ". The same applies in the polishing department.
  When an old instrument is given a new finish, all the old lacquer is carefully removed, then it gets the same treatment as a newly built instrument. All brass parts, if broken, are replaced, otherwise they are cleaned and polished. The delivery time for a cabinet restoration of an old instrument is approx. 6 - 8 weeks from the day of delivery into our works.
  Delivery time for repairs is by arrangement.
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